Here is a new way to think about creativity.

By using a different metaphor.

Creativity as a switch.

Using this perspective you and your group or team could switch on your creativity and then switch it off – in an instant.

Depending on the situation you could switch on your capacity to generate new and useful ideas then switch to another say critical thinking mode to evaluate these.

Imagine the power of being able to unleash your creative energy – on demand.

Much like a football team that switches from defence to offense depending on the game’s flow.

In my workshops with groups and teams I show them how to do this by using a number of thinking switches.

Think of these as keywords for the brain.

For example – Pace

This thinking switch encourages people to accelerate their thinking.

For example – Focus

This thinking switch encourages people to change the direction or focus of their thinking.

Using a switching metaphor encourages a more agile, adaptive and dynamic expression of creativity.

It means we all can switch on and switch off our creativity on a daily basis.

This is a far cry from the once a quarter brainstorming session for example.

If creativity is a muscle then the more we all exercise it the stronger it will become.

In further posts I will outline how, when, who, what and where you can use Switch Thinking to tap into your creativity.

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