How leaders can Nudge behaviour

I have just been reading NUDGE, a book by Richard H Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein.

As the name applies, the book outlines new thinking and concepts in behavioural economics which can be applied to many everyday situations to Nudge desired behaviour.

The emphasis here is on small, subtle changes to the decision-making context to bring about change.

In a similar vein the UK government has set up The Behavioural Insights Team to help many government bodies to bring about desirable change.

Their approach which I love is named:


Leaders should remember just one word – EAST.

To being about change make it:

Easy e.g. use default settings

Attractive e.g. use personalised messages

Social e.g. use peer leaders first

Timely e.g. gift-giving is more likely in December rather than January

So the next time you want to introduce a change in behaviour, consider the 4 elements of EAST.

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