What young leaders really want

Recently I have been conducting interviews with young leaders about what they would like in a development program.

One of the aspects they have mentioned is the time lag in when they might learn something and when they can apply it.

For example, it might be great to learn all about conflict resolution but what if there is no conflict in a team?

To avoid these time gaps perhaps we should be moving to a kind of Just-in-time leadership development model?

The idea is that leaders can learn about a new capability, skill or tool exactly when they need it rather than waiting for a course in 3 months time.

In a fast-moving environment this makes perfect sense.

This way of learning and developing has already started.

Many young leaders are already practicing Just-in-Time Leadership.

For example,

How to motivate older staff?

No problem – they can Google this, read an article, watch a TED talk or view any number of videos on You Tube.

Just-in-Time Leadership is already happening.

Would you like to be involved in my research?

Every few weeks I will highlight an interesting finding from my research.

I would then love your comments.

But I am on the lookout for more senior or young leaders who are interested in talking to me.

My goal is to better design Leadership Development Programs for young, future leaders.

I hope you can help.

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