According to a 2010 IBM study among 1500 CEO’s, creativity is the most important quality for success.

If this is the case it might be a good idea to check whether you are a creative leader.

Try this quick quiz.

Do you:

1. Play around with ideas before deciding on a course of action?

2. Ask for different perspectives on a problem?

3.  Try and build on your ideas and the ideas of others?

4.  Look around for similar situations and try and copy, adapt or learn from what worked there?

5.  Talk about the need to challenge the status quo?

6. Recognise new ideas and actions?

7. Encourage experimentation?

8. Tolerate an occasional failure providing that something new has been learned?

9. Promote the sharing of ideas across the team or group?

10. Provides support to you so that you can make some progress towards your goals?


Always (3 points), Sometimes (2 points), Rarely (1 point).

You would need to score 20 points or above to be considered a creative leader.

How did you go?

If your score was not what you expected perhaps I can help.

I am offering a half a day Breakthrough Leadership Course.

Ring or email me and I will send you some details.


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