The Power of 3

For 10 years I was a part-time lecturer at a Business School in Sydney (UTS). During that time I created and taught a subject which i called Marketing Creativity.

I became frustrated with the logical, linear marketing strategies developed by the post-graduate students. There was nothing particularly wrong with their work but it seemed to me that the students only explored a narrow range of potential strategic options.

To overcome this I developed a a creative thinking tool which I called The Power of 3. 

Using this tool I asked students to generate:

 1. A business-as-usual approach

2. A different one and 

3. A radical option..

The effect was immediate.

Suddenly students were demonstrating bigger, broader and more original thinking.

I have since introduced this creative thinking tool to a range of organisational managers and leaders with a similar dramatic impact.

The Power of 3 has a number of powerful benefits:

a. It is simple and easy to communicate, learn and apply.

b. It can be used by individuals and groups, every day for almost any purpose.

c. The Power of 3 gives people permission to introduce those left-field, slightly risky ideas.

d. Indeed it creates an expectation of creativity and we know from research that expectations are a major factor in driving performance.

e. The quality and quantity of ideas improves.

f. It provides a language and a structure to talk about creativity and innovation.

g. It not only improves the effectiveness of ideas but the openness of ideas.

h. What’s more The Power of 3 is a wonderful way of evaluating and selling ideas.

Building a more innovative culture requires more people, to be more creative, more often.

The Power of 3 is perhaps the single best way I have found to empower all employees, unleash their amazing ideas and increase the number of creative conversations and interactions.

I would love to show you how The Power of 3 could benefit your organisation.

Yours in ideas (to the power of 3).

Ken Hudson

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