What I like about the Lean Startup approach

The Lean Startup approach or movement has many aspects which I like.

– there is an emphasis on the customer rather than just the technology

– having early consumer feedback is invaluable

– the idea of developing a minimum viable product is such a great idea rather than developing a more complete, very expensive and time consuming product

– the mindset of testing assumptions in the marketplace via various hypothesises is also a smart thing to do

– As is the concept of validated learning

So the lean startup approach is a fast, efficient and very productive way to test new products and business models.

But …

Is it creative?

My recent experience working with startups is that they are so focused on getting out a MVP that they lose sight of the importance of the creative thinking part.

Their approach seems to be that we can go out with an ok idea and our customers will tell us what they like and don’t like.

Well customers certainly can do this.

But they won’t tell you what they dream or aspire or secretly would love in a new concept.

Customers also cannot tell you what they don’t know.

They cannot tell you what is technologically possible for example.

I don’t know of any customers that were yearning for Facebook for example.

Yet when it was developed for university students (initially) they went yes.

I love this.

So I am wondering if startups should spend more time on generating bigger, better ideas?

Surely if they developed better ideas at the front-end they might have more success at the back-end (i.e. where the lean startup approach really takes hold).

A new, creative fusion

So I am imagining a fusion of creativity and lean startup to get the most out of this powerful methodology.

I will leave the last word to Eric Ries:

‘Creativity is such a precious commodity that we can’t afford to waste it on just bringing things to [market] and hoping for the best. And, [Lean Startup] is an effort to try and redeem that creativity and make it more special.’

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