A case study in disruption theory*?

According to Richard J. Kramer, chairman, CEO and president of Goodyear:

“Disruption is something that sneaks up on us and has an unexpected impact.

It’s something that changes an industry forever.

It is something that starts very small, which is why we ignore it until it grows into a real competitive threat.

Disruption is already here, already in front of us.”

Beware of the startup

Now does this sound familiar?

Bernie Sanders started with almost zero awareness in the current US Democratic Presidential Election.

He could not have been a smaller player.

He was ignored, ridiculed and given no chance against the establishment player(Hilary Clinton).

To use another business analogy, Bernie was the startup Air BnB up against the Hilton Hotel.

He was, just like AirBnB ignored and yet he started to grow and grow.

Until it is too late …?

The original disruption theory developed by Harvard Professor, Clayton Christensen outlined exactly what is happening at the moment in these elections.

Large industry leaders can be disrupted by smaller players who offer a cheaper price or focus on an neglected market and hence are allowed to grow and prosper.

Then after a while the disruptors start challenging the incumbents who are often taken by surprise.

Disruption in action.

This is why this election is so different and interesting.


* I am not endorsing Bernie Sanders I am simply pointing out that he is a great example of the disruption theory in action.

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