Innovation Friday!

I am starting a movement.

It’s called Innovation Friday.

My vision is that at least one day a week every manager, employee, leader and group commits to do one thing that is innovative on Friday.

Just one thing!

It does not have to be big — it could be as simple as holding a team meeting in a new place.

Or talking to a new employee at work.

Or testing an email free morning.

Or trying to address one thing that frustrates a customer.

Or invite someone from a different department to a brainstorming session.

Or run a Blitz!

It’s up to you.

My insight:

Innovation for me is about action.

It’s about doing stuff — generating a new solution to a problem, testing it, measuring the results, learning from the test and sharing the results.

Innovation is not what you put on the wall (although this can help) but what you do.

Much like any change program it requires a change in behaviour. If you want to lose weight and get fit rather than talk about or plan it you have to start walking. And start reducing your fat and sugar intake etc.

The important point is that you have to ‘do innovation.’

Why Innovation Friday is a big idea.

– It’s simple.

– Innovation Friday involves everyone because the essence of an innovative organisation is to have more people, being more innovative, more often.

– It gives everyone permission to be creative and innovative.

– It’s a simple reminder to challenge the status-quo and to think and act differently.

– Innovation Friday creates a regular time to be more creative.

– It ensures that innovation is on the agenda at every meeting or presentation or discussion (at least once) every week.

– Imagine the cumulative effect — everyone trying to be more innovative, every week — 52 times a year!

– It will engage employees and be great fun.

– What’s more Innovation Friday has the potential to transform an organisation into a more innovative, productive and engaging place to work.

My offer:

I will run a free workshop to help get Innovation Friday off the ground (providing it is in my home town).

I urge you to try it.

Please let me know what you think and do!


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