Small changes can have a big impact

I have been working recently with various Adidas team’s throughout Asia.

One of the key messages that seems to resonate with them is the idea that innovation does not always have to be big.

Innovation also does not need to be just about technology or the latest startup.

It can be small.

It can be every day.

And over time these small changes can have a big impact.

Even customising the labels on bottles of Coca-Cola can have a big impact (now a world-wide campaign).

As one country leader said to his group,

‘At Adidas we are always going for the big innovation play.

This is great but we are also missing out on lots of small opportunities that potentially could make a big difference.’

There are many advantages of thinking about innovation in what I call a Small Wins way:

– Lots of small changes can have a cumulative impact

– Testing lots of small things can sometimes lead to a big win

– It encourages more people to be involved in the innovation journey because they can make small changes. Innovation starts to resonate with various levels of the organisation.

– Small wins also means small risks which is often one of the barriers to embracing innovation.

– Daily, progress however small can have a positive impact on motivation. This is Professor Teresa Amabile’s important insight.

– Most of all, a small wins approach enables any team to practice innovation.

If you would like to see numerous examples of small wins innovation then click here.

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