Why the great promise of innovation is not being delivered

I have spent the past 10 years researching, working or collaborating with leaders around innovation.

It is a great space to work in as everything is new and different.

Yet I feel that the great promise of innovation has not been fully realised.

It is the promise of individual, team and organisational growth.

The problem is this.

For many managers, leaders & business owners, innovation has become too big, too risky and too time-consuming.

We need a new approach.

Small wins innovation

It is for this reason that I have created small wins innovation.

It’s a simpler, easier, faster and a more engaging way of innovating.

The idea is to start small.

As one leader said to me;

I know it works because that’s generally how we approach things here.

We’ve used the phrase, one-hundred 1% improvements instead of one 100% improvement.

People get it.

Small wins innovation creates momentum, confidence and learning.

And small changes over time can have a big impact.

They add up.

Small wins innovation is continuous, cumulative and can have a large cultural effect.

If you would like to know more about small wins innovation, I would be happy to send you our latest brochure.

Or we can chat — even better!

This is a small note which could help you make a big difference – quickly.

If you and your team want to innovate then you need to consider this new approach.


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