Have you ever used a Mind Map or Mind Mapping?

You can use it face-to-face or there are many digital tools available.

The basic idea is that you start with an initial idea and through association you build up a range of connected thoughts through a series of bubbles.

It is a highly visual tool (which I like) and is superb for taking notes, is fun to use and organising your thoughts.

However purely form a creative point of view I believe it has a weakness.

Once you start with a central idea e.g. kids it is difficult to escape it or as Edward De Bono might say — once you have established a pattern of thought it is difficult to move to another one.

In the example above it might be difficult to get to a completely new idea (e.g. turtle) through Mind Mapping.



This short-coming can be overcome by using our new mobile app called Ideas Blitz.

Both are visual tools like Mind mapping but with Blitz there is no central, dominating idea.

In fact, there is a connecting space where new ideas can be combined in logical and random ways which means that you are more likely to develop more original ideas.

The other big difference is with emphasis on speed.

We have found that by encouraging people to generate 9 ideas in 2 minutes in the start phase you do not let people filter or limit their initial, raw ideas.

These are often a rich source of creativity.

Mind Mapping by comparison almost feels like the emphasis is on developing a beautiful looking mind map rather than solving a problem or generating new ideas.

Both tools have their place and can co-exist.

If you have used mind Mapping I urge you to try Blitz.



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