We are very excited to announce that  Ideas Blitz — our new web site and mobile app is now launched.

Ideas Blitz is like a mini brainstorming tool for individuals and groups.


It is the ideal tool if you need to generate a new idea or solve a problem in a hurry.


Ideas Blitz is the tool of Speed Thinking, developed by Dr Ken Hudson.


It consists of 5 steps (you can do some or all of these):

– Start

– Enhance

– Connect

– Evaluate and

– Action


Ideas Blitz has been taught and used by thousands of managers, students, business owners and students across the globe with powerful, immediate results.


It is the 3rd alternative to meetings and brainstorming for groups and teams.


Ideas Blitz is your passport to leading a more creative and innovative future.


With Ideas Blitz you can create, enhance, prioritise and share your results immediately.


Try it now!

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