Everyone has creative potential.

I know you have read this before but I believe that everyone has an innate creative potential.

What stops most people from realising this potential (as they age) is their own judging voice in their head.

This often critical inner voice is forever filtering what we can and cannot do e.g. ‘I cannot do this because I am nor creative enough’.

Our noisy, incessant internal judge restricts our performance and hampers our ability to achieve our full potential.

But what informs this critical filtering voice?

My suggestion is what I call the Nine Fears.

These are:

1. The fear of being wrong

2. The fear of being different

3. The fear of excelling or being outstanding

4. The fear of change

5. The fear of failure

6. The fear of responsibility e.g. becoming a parent or a leader

7. The fear of not being perfect

8. The fear of the new

9. The fear of criticism

These 9 fears are a powerful force that can intimidate or scare you to only except the safe, proven and incremental.

They can force you to become less that you are capable of. Or as Spencer Johnson asks all of us, ‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’

So how do you (and/or your team) overcome these 9 fears?

My suggestion is to try the magic formula we use in Speed Thinking and Blitz (i.e. the tool for groups and teams).

Try and create 9 ideas in 2 minutes.

Don’t hesitate, procrastinate or over-analyse.

My theory is that because you have to create nine possibilities in 2 minutes you are too immersed in your own creativity to listen to your own barracking crowd telling you what you can’t do.

You simply are—you just create, decide or solve problems with your authentic, creative self.

You can glimpse your true potential.

Try it by registering with our new Digital Blitz tool — it’s truly a powerful way to unleash your creative genius — in minutes.

Visit: www.letsblitz.com


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