This is early days for Ideas Blitz (the tool of Speed Thinking).

But if my experience is any guide there is finally a tool that can unlock the full creative & productivity potential of every individual , group & team.

Here is how I have been using this new creative thinking system.

Because that in effect is what it is — a powerful way to help you and others to think differently.

My advice is this — start using Ideas Blitz yourself.

Unlock your own creative genius now.

If you feel stuck then Blitz rather than procrastinate or doing further analysis.

If you are facing a decision then use Blitz to help you create and choose a better option.

If you need to put a presentation, essay or assignment then use Blitz….etc

The key benefit of Blitz is that it can help you to start, improve and to accelerate.

I have never run a Blitz which didn’t help me to start my thinking.

The very challenge of trying to create 9 ideas in 2 minutes makes you start.

And with Blitz just getting started is often a reward in itself.

It creates momentum and research by Emily Pronin suggests that it also makes you feel good.

Blitz can help you improve the quality of your creative thinking.

The 5-step process (if you wish to follow it completely) gives even the most uncreative of us a structure.

And the start phase stops you filtering those negative thoughts and releases your unconscious creative self.

In the thousands of people i have taught this system to – everyone has been able to use it almost immediately.

And lastly Ideas Blitz can help you and others to accelerate the achievement of your goals.

In a time-poor, fast moving world you (and your group & team) have to work smarter.

Ideas Blitz can show you how.

It’s like a mental sprint where you cover a great deal of ground in a short period of time.

So see for yourself — start Blitzing right now!

Ideas Blitz can help you unleash your creative genius.

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