Many years ago a Russian psychologist named Bluma Zeigarnik noticed that waiters seemed only to remember orders that were still open and had forgotton orders that had been completed.

Her theory which later became known as The Ziegarnik Effect (1927) is that tasks that remain unfinished stay in our short-term memory and finished tasks disolve from it.

These tasks (in our short-term memory) create a kind of nagging pulse which we then want to finish to move on.

The implications of her work for procrastication is this:

Simply start. 

The act of starting creates more of a need to finish a project.

Procrastination often occurs when we don’t know when or where to start or the project seems to big that we avoid starting all together.

This is where our new Blitz tool can help you.

Ideas Blitz has 5 steps and the first one is start.

You start by trying to create 9 ideas/thoughts/solutions in 2 minutes.

Then you try and enhance these (i.e. the second step).

The most important thing of course is that you have started.

It does not matter where but you are now off and running and according to the Zeigarnik Effect you are now much more likely to finish.

So Blitz can help you with your homework, assignements, projects, essays or presentations.

It can help you to start and stop procrastinating!

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