Just start – it does not matter where

A few years ago I invented an approach to idea generation and problem solving which I called Speed Thinking.

It was based on an insight that what stopped most people from being as creative as they could be was their own (often) self-critical, judging internal voice.

I found the best way to bypass this voice was to encourage people to think as fast as they could without over-thinking.

I called this first step (not surprisingly):


You start by trying to create 9 ideas in 2 minutes.

The beauty of this approach was that people did not have time to over-analyse or procrastinate.

They just started creating.

And often were amazed at what they could produce in such a short period of time.

Now I wonder if the same applies to thinking about reinventing your career?

Can you over-think it?

Are you worried about everything that might go wrong before you even make a start?

Are you procrastinating?

Why don’t you just start to reinvent your career – today!

Here are 9 suggestions:

1. Do a quick Speed Thinking exercise using my Ideas Blitz tool — what are 9 ways you can reinvent your career in the next 2 minutes.

2. Seek out people that have reinvented their career or life. What can you learn from them?

3. What do you love to watch on TV or read or talk to people about or spend your free time doing?

Can you make a new career in this area?

4. Study the lives of some famous people that have reinvented their life e.g. Madonna or David Bowie.

What can you learn from them?

5. Study a big brand that has reinvented itself. For example, have a look at how McDonald’s has reinvented itself with drove thru or McCafe etc.

6. Start small.

If you want to reinvent your career and become a writer for example then start a blog.

Start writing.

7. Start doing more of what you like.

In the previous example, the best way to become a better writer is by writing – every day.

Then you can see if it really is your passion or a passing interest.

8. What are you good at?

Really good at?

World class at?

It might just be one thing but you know that you are better at this than most of your peers.

How can you leverage this to reinvent your career?

9. Select a career at random using the first letter of your second name.

Mine is H.

Now think of a career starting with this letter.

House Renovations for example.

Now ask yourself what you would like about this career and what you would not like.

In my case I love the creative aspects and helping people to imagine a better life.

I would not like all the attention to detail.

Now move on to a another career and repeat with the second letter of your name.


Soon you will have a list of what you ideally would like in your next career and what you will not.

The important point is this – just start!

To reinvent your career requires you to start.

It does not matter where you start.

Just start.

There is no right or wrong place to start.

Just start.

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