The most important action in Speed Thinking and it’s tool, Ideas Blitz is to start.

in this new, accelerated way of thinking for individuals and groups we start with the individual and work up to a partner then a group.

We also start by having each individual start by trying to create 9 possibilities in 2 minutes (working by themselves).

We call this creative process — the magic formula.

By ‘starting’ you create:

– Action

– Progress

– Momentum

– Energy

– Feedback and

– Confidence

By starting, you stop procrastinating and over-analysing. This means you and your group are more productive and innovative.

It does not matter where you start — just start.

With our system there is no right or wrong place to start.

You just start.

So the next time you feel ‘stuck’ or you are putting off an unpleasant or difficult project — just start.

Start by trying to create 9 ideas in 2 minutes —  this is the magic starting formula.

You will instantly feel better.

And if you register (for free) in our new Blitz Digital Tool, your ideas are captured automatically. You can then build on these later or share them or Blitz with others.

Ready, set, start!

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