Ideathon – an idea whose time has come

Many business leaders in the IT and software industry run quarterly Hackathons.

These are typically 24 hour sessions where software developer try and create say a new product, feature or app.

I think this is a great idea which can be extended to any organisation.

Enter the Ideathon.

What I like about this idea is that it is a disruptive way of generating (potentially) a disruptive idea and boosting internal engagement and collaboration.

My suggestions to run an Ideathon are these:

– Run a pilot first

– Commit to running these every quarter and give every team 24 hours to generate a disruptive idea

– Ask for volunteers and ask them to form teams

– Give them a single challenge e.g. we are looking for disruptive ideas aimed at teenagers we can test in the next 6 months

– Establish the evaluation criterion before you launch

– Have the evaluation panel comprised of future or emerging leaders

– Vary the ownership of the quarterly Ideation session among the senior leadership team.

– Make the event fun and energising.

Whilst the purpose of the session is to generate a disruptive idea, it is an ideal process to get more people engaged with innovation.

If you would like help in creating, planning or running an Ideathon then give me a call.

I would encourage you to give this big idea a go.

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