Employee idea programs are a good idea — in theory.


They start with great enthusiasm but rarely are sustainable.

People who submit ideas often complain that it takes ages to have them approved whilst leaders complain that the ideas are rarely aligned with the priorities of the business.

Here is a radical way to turn this around and unlock the creativity of all employees.

Launch a 30 day employee ideas program

Every 30 days one of  the leaders of the organisation sets a challenge that he/she is struggling with.

This becomes the focus for all employees energy and creativity.

The challenge can and should be tight e.g. we are looking for some new product ideas that are aimed at the kids market which we can test in the next 3 months.

In this way the ideas will be aligned with the goals of the business and the leader setting the challenge has a vested interest in capturing, evaluating and testing ideas as quickly as possible.

In the next 30 days another leader sets another challenge.

In this way the program is kept fresh and the leadership of the program is rotated around the senior management team.

Another key driver of the 30 day program is to outline in advance how the ideas are to be evaluated.

This means that the people submitting the idea can self-score their ideas and it provides a more objective way of evaluating ideas rather than ‘it was not approved.’

Ideally all the ideas should be captured, scored and presented as a report at the end of the 30 day period so that the key learnings can be shared across the business.

A 30 day employee idea program is focused, effective and will keep the interests of employees and leaders aligned.

It can become a key part of your innovation journey.

What’s more you can now use our new Blitz digitaltool so individuals and groups can better generate, share and evaluate their ideas.

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