We have just launched our new Ideas Blitz Mobile app to great acclaim.

It is free, fast and fun to use.

You can use it with your iphone and ipad.

It is the ideal app to use in your next brainstorming session.

If you are facilitating a Brainstorming session here’s how Ideas Blitz can make your session more engaging & productive: 

– Send out the challenge beforehand and ask participants to Blitz it by themselves.

They can then bring all their ideas or their best 3 ideas to the session.

In this way everyone contributes and the extroverts or senior people don’t dominate.

Also the number and originality of the ideas increases.

– Ask participants to work with a partner and use one single Blitz mobile app with both people trying to contribute their ideas.

This will means that the ideas are captured immediately and can be shared with others.

– Towards the end of the session after the group has evaluated the best idea each person (or in pairs) can try and make this idea 9 times better using the blitz app.

– Each person or pairing can be allocated an idea which is original but lacking in value and asked to Blitz how they might be able to make the idea 9 times more valuable.

– If the brainstorming session is stuck, lacks energy or just needs a change of pace the facilitator can say ok lets Blitz this issue right now.

– The Blitz mobile app could be used to list then overcome any objections to the best ideas of the session.

– The app could be put up on a big screen so that everyone could contribute their ideas.

– The problem could be broken down into smaller pieces with each pairing taking one part then Blitzing some new ideas.

They could then compare and contrast their results with other pairings.

– The Blitz mobile app could be used to generate 9 potential problem definitions before the session starts.

The facilitator could then determine which is the best definition and send this to all the participants.

– The app could be sued to generate and capture the 9 key next steps at the end of the session.

These are just a few examples of how you might be able to use this free mobile app in your next brainstorming or ideation session.

Brainstorming is a very popular creative thinking tool for groups.

Using this new mobile app will ensure that each session remains fresh, engaging and more productive.

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