Brainstorming is the most popular creative thinking tool.

But what if you don’t have a group to generate new ideas?

This is where our new Ideas Blitz creative thinking tool can help.

All you need is one other person and you are up and running.

Ideas Blitz is a lightning fast way to unleash your creative potential.

I usually suggest to people that they start Blitzing by themselves then work with a partner.

Blitzing with a partner can be done in 4 ways:

1. Have one person Blitz then discuss the results with your partner.

This is a powerful way to enhance your ideas. My wife is a wonderfully smart lady who works as a jounalist and we often bounce ideas off one another.

This sounding-board role is an important way to road-test your new ideas.

2. Blitz your new ideas together in front of the same screen. 

This is a fun and easy way to get started. You can combine the best of both worlds — a face-to-face creative experience with an online tool.

3. Each person can Blitz independently the same challenge then discuss your best ideas

This is an effective way to avoid group think and to ensure that both parties contribute evenly.

4. You can run an online Blitz.

The Blitz tool is designed to be used by yourself or with up to 5 others.

Simply define the challenge and invite a colleague and (assuming they accept) you can run a Blitz.

The tool will take you through the various steps and gives you lots of tips and prompts.

Your big, new ideas will be saved automatically and you can edit your output at a later stage.

Dont’ wait for a group to start to brainstorm ideas and solutions. Your customers and clients cannot wait either.

With our new Blitz tool you can start creating when you need to.

I have outlined 4 suggestions of how you can start Blitzing with a partner but these are not the only ways — I would love to hear how you are using Blitz.

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