Our new Blitz Mobile app is out now.

It is fast, simple and it can help you unleash your creativity in minutes.

Once you have entered your challenge you then try and generate 9 ideas in 2 minutes.

This stops you filtering your ideas so your unconscious creativity can emerge.

It can also get you started on a new project so you stop procrastinating.

After entering your ideas you can prioritise, save then edit your output at any time.

You can also share your ideas and solutions with others via twitter, Linked in and Facebook.

Here’s what a few people are saying about Blitz Mobile:

I have only just downloaded the App and had a ‘play;’ Excellent stuff!; Ted – Management Consultant.

Looks great! I just had a go to plan an event with a prioritised to-do list. Worked a charm; Anne – Graduate Student.

Just a quick note to let you know that we used the Blitz App today and the feedback was great.

All the people I spoke to said they enjoyed the session and found the app fun to use. We got some good ideas which we will use and the energy level in the room was great! Chris — HR Manager.

Wow this is a really useful tool; George – Market research manager.

Fast, simple and easy to use. Does exactly what is says it does.

I think the key is the speed and my ideas just pop out! I’ve found myself using this at work and at home. I even got the kids using it for their top ideas for our next holiday. Great stuff; David – PR Manager.

The Blitz App is a great way to get your thought processes moving! I have used it with my students at school. Immediately the energy level in the room rises and the ideas come thick and fast; Mark – School teacher

Ideal for revision or brainstorming new topics, ‘The Blitz’ encourages everyone to get involved especially those that might normally be hesitant to contribute their thoughts and ideas.; Noel – Advertising Account Manager.

Blitz looks so lovely, simple and engaging.

I’ve just forwarded it to a senior manager at a major bank; Jenny – Marketing Consultant.

This is a tool for entrepreneurs everywhere; John – Business Coach

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