The new challenge for all leaders, groups and teams

It’s a tough time for anyone who works in an organisation or runs their own business.

Leaders, groups and teams need to be more creative and innovative to develop new growth opportunities and design better consumer experiences.

They also have to be more productive and efficient.

In effect, they have to do more with less (i.e. people, dollars and time).

But to-date we have treated creativity and productivity as belonging to separate buckets.

And sometimes as enemies.

But we have to move beyond this.

Enter the idea of Productively Creative.

We all have to learn to become more creative, in less time.

The old days of having weeks and weeks to think of a solution to a problem are long gone.

The days of running a brainstorming session in a month’s time when everyone is available is also a wasted opportunity.

We need to be able to solve problems, create new ideas and reinvent the way we do things – immediately.

We live in an ‘on-demand environment’.

This goes for creativity itself.

This begs the question:

How to become productively creative?

One way is to learn Speed Thinking.

This is where any individual, group or team can generate new ideas in minutes.

And then follow a 5 step process to develop an action plan for any high-potential solution.

Being productively creative is the new game in town.

It’s the pathway to continued success in a fast-moving, resource poor environment.

How productively creative is your group or team?

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