Disruptive Thinking is too important to be left to the startups

Everyone seems to agree that disruption is happening in every category, market and industry.

There are numerous examples of the threats and opportunities of this type of non-linear change.

Because this is what disruption is all about.

Disruption = Significant Non-Linear Change.

If this is the case.

Why leave it to the startups?

If I was a leader of an established business why would I wait around to be disrupted?

Also why would I wait around for the next wave of digital or technology changes?

The short answer is that I would not.

Disruption is too important.

It requires a disruption in how we think about disruption.

We need to disrupt our mindset.

We need to think about disruptive thinking as a skill.

That is available to all.

And with the right process and tools and some effort can be learned and applied by every leader.

Go Get is but one example.

It’s overturned a range of assumptions and conventions.

– rent rather than buy a new (or second) car

– rent a car or van or ute depending on your needs – right now!

– pay by the hour rather than by day

– park in special bays rather than in the car park

– no forms

– book using a mobile app

Go Get is an important example of disruptive thinking in action.

It requires imagination and a intent to disrupt the status-quo.

Shouldn’t this be the goal of every leader?

To become a disruptive thinker!

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