According to one of the CEO’s of a major bank:

‘People talk about productivity but actually not much has been done about it.’

Mike Smith, CEO ANZ Bank, 23/11/12, The Australian.

I totally agree with him.

That is why we have embarked on trying to lift the productivity and innovation capability and results of organisations — quickly.

In particular, because most work today is collaborative, the focus has to be on groups and teams.

We do not have all the answers but with our new Blitz tool we have achieved some impressive results.

In our pre and post surveys with large companies, improvements have been achieved in the following statements:

We are very time-efficient in our group-work

We make decisions quickly

 – We don’t suffer from analysis-paralysis

The Blitz process with its emphasis on solving a problem when they emerge quickly with whatever resources are at hand means that groups and teams can indeed do more with less.

For example, in a long meeting rather than calling another meeting when an issue arises it might be better to say why don’t we Blitz it right now!

in a few minutes the problem can be resolved rather than getting a large group of people together for another meeting.

Think of the savings in time and money.

So lets stop talking about productivity and actually start Blitzing.


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