What are your Disruption Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats?

Every manager and leader is familiar with the SWOT tool.

It’s a simple yet powerful tool to help you better understand ‘where you are today’.

This coupled with the other two strategic questions:

Where we going?

and How to get there? can help inform a coherent strategic plan.

Why not start using this tool for disruption?

For example:

1. What are your Disruption strengths?

These are the assets that you can use to prevent being disrupted and/or leverage to disrupt others.

e.g. Consumer or Brand Loyalty

2. What are your Disruption Weaknesses?

These are your internal weaknesses that make you vulnerable to disruption.

e.g. Lack of Innovation or a Legacy Mindset or a Resistance to Taking Risks Culture

3. What are some Disruption Opportunities?

Startups are not the only ones that can disrupt others.

Facebook or Apple for example are not startups anymore.

They are big, established businesses which can disrupt others.

If they can do it why not your brand or organisation?

4. What are some Disruption Threats?

This is a tricky question because many disruptive threats are not obvious until they are on the horizon.

But a good place to start is just to pose the question.

What’s a potential disruptive technology, brand or trend that might disrupt your organisation?

Conducting a Disruption SWOT (i.e. only considering or using a disruption lens) is a new way to use an old tool.

This is by definition – disruptive.

Welcome to the world of Disruption.

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