Don’t wait for new ideas to emerge – go and search for them!

One of my favourite and most popular aspects of my creative thinking, speed thinking and innovation workshops and courses are the field visits.

This is where I ask the group to visit say a McDonald’s or Starbucks or any other big brand business with the aim to find some new ideas.

I ask the each group member to partner with another and visit these locations and find at least 3 new ideas.

They are then asked to take a photograph of the new concept.

It could be a new product, packaging, pricing or distribution idea (like the one illustrated here from a hotel in Singapore).

It does not matter what sort of new idea it is.

The important point is for the group to experience this new creative and innovative behaviour.

Once group members have taken a photo of the ideas and shared these with the bigger group I then ask them what can we learn, borrow or adapt from what these companies are doing?

Once you have experienced how powerful this process is you will see new ideas everywhere.

What;s more you will not have to wait for them to magically appear but you can go and find them – on demand!

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