Exponential Thinking x Exponential Technologies

Much of the excitement and the focus of leaders today is on the growth of exponential technologies.

Think AI, Robotics, IoT, AR, VR, 3D Printing, Social Media Platforms etc etc

These technologies are upending traditional linear growth curves.

They also make incumbents vulnerable to disruptive threats.

Exponential technologies can also unlock disruptive growth opportunities for industry leaders.

But it will require leaders to escape the business-as-usual mindset.

It will require Exponential Thinking.

In fact, it may well be the most important leadership skill.

Now, what if you combine the two?

This leads to the Exponential Growth (and performance) Formula:

Exponential Growth = Exponential Thinking x Exponential Technology.

With this formula it does not matter what comes first.

The thinking can guide and direct the technology by asking an exponential question for example.

For example: How can we have no accidents on the road?

This might lead to the development of self-driving cars for example.


And Exponential Technology driven by Moore’s Law for example can unlock new thinking.

The very fact that we now have the capability to capture everyone’s medical data for example at an affordable cost might lead to new thinking about the role of specialists, doctors, nurses and patients (e.g. as equal problem-solving medical teams around a patient).

The great beauty of the exponential formula is that it can be applied to any activity.

For example, what might be an exponential leap in the consumer experience?

Apply the formula:

What is some exponential technologies we could apply driven by exponential thinking?

How about consumers using VR to test whether they would like new product or service for example.

I would love this when i am deciding upon a new set of golf clubs for example.

In summary:

Exponential Growth is driven by exponential thinking and technology.

Putting the two together is an unbeatable combination.

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