How to generate awesome results & total engagement

I am a big fan of Mindmapping.

Developed by Tony Buzan it’s a quick, easy and visual way to generate ideas, organise material and summarise your notes.

It’s one of my ‘go to’ creative thinking tools along with Blitz.

Mindmapping can be used by an individual, with a partner or a small group.

Here is an example of a group Mindmapping session I ran:

On a recent trip to Singapore I showed the group that I was working with how they could use this tool in a fun way.

There is no right or wrong way to mindmap but here is the process I used:

– Agree upon the problem or challenge.

In this case we took a challenge and asked ourselves – how can we improve the results by 10 times.

– Divide the bigger group up into a number of smaller groups all working on the same challenge

– Ensure that every group member has their own pen and ideally a large canvas or whiteboard.

– Ready set go. Give the groups a maximum of five minutes to start mindmapping.

– Away we go. Each person can contribute their ideas where and when they wish – this is vital.

– After 5 minutes swap the groups around and have each one look at the existing (other groups) mindmap with fresh eyes and start enhancing their initial mindmap.

– Then each group returns to their original mindmap and after a few more minutes I asked them to evaluate their best idea.

– As a final step I suggested to the group that they take their best idea and spend another 5 minutes on making this idea – 10 times better.

The end result?

Some amazing ideas or solutions to a problem generated in minutes and total engagement by each member of the various groups.

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