Small things can have a big impact

Small wins innovation is any bite-size, new idea, solution or action that could make a difference to someone’s life.

It can be used by a small business, team or across an organisation.

One of the best examples is in my own eastern-suburbs (Sydney) back yard.

My daughter has just just introduced me to an amazing gelato place called Messina.

It does a lot of wonderful, small things:

– The menu is slightly changed every day

– Their new creation is then sent out to their 57000 followers on Instagram thus generating automatic demand and new followers.

– Messina have set up a creative department which is responsible for the new gelato flavours.

– The staff in their 5 outlets are friendly and passionate about Gelato.

– They also have a Gelato appreciation course where you go to the factory, meet the creative team and develop some new flavours and combinations (and you get to eat them).
These tours cost $160 and are booked out 12 months in advance.

– And lastly they have an online booking service for their cakes and ice-creams.

What can we learn from Messina?

None of these ideas are earth-shattering.

They are not disruptive.

Yet each of these are a wonderful example of what I call small wins innovation.

They collectively and over time add up to a successful and sustainable Messina experience.

Not to mention they have built an avid group of followers, fans and customers.

Perhaps it is time that leaders from the larger companies look at small businesses like Messina for their innovation inspiration?

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