Many people consider themselves not to be creative.

I understand this as we are not taught to think in a different way.

We are often not encouraged to express our originality.

But creativity is increasingly seen as one of the key leadership qualities.

It drives innovation, growth, new product development and productivity to name a few.

But the problem is this — no-one knows how to enhance this latent ability.

Until now.

We have developed a new creative thinking system which we call Ideas Blitz.

It has a 5 step semi-structure process that is easy and simple to follow.

You start by trying to create 9 ideas in 2 minutes (trust me it can be done).

Then you enhance these ideas and look for new connections.

And lastly you can develop an action plan for your high-priority ideas.

It’s logical in a non-linear way.

Ideas Blitz is a way you can structure your intuition.

What’s more you can Blitz with a partner or up to 5 others.

In the thousands of people that have Blitzed i have never met anyone who cannot do it.

Try it for yourself.


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