It’ simple really.

In fact, deceptively so.

The best way to motivate and engage employees ‘day in and day out’ is by facilitating progress in meaningful work– even small wins.

This is the conclusion of research conducted by Harvard professor Teresa Amabile and her partner Steven Kramer in a new book called;

The Progress Principle –Using small wins to ingnite joy, engagement and creativity at work (Harvard Business Review Press, 2011).

Yet managers ranked supporting progress dead last as a work motivator.

Perhaps it is too obvious?

The authors suggest that making progress (i.e. being productive and creative) leads to positive inner work life (i.e. engagement) which then helps people to become more productive and so on – it becomes a self-reinforcing positive cycle.

This begs the question:

How can a manager or team leader facilitate progress?

– provide meaningful, clear goals

– appropriate resources

– allow autonomy (i.e. be involved in what has to be delivered but leave the how to the employee).

– encouragement

– step in and roll up your sleeves yourself

– helpful colleagues and

– allowing ideas to flow and learning from problems and successes.

Blitz is another way to help groups and teams drive daily progress:

The research of Amabile and Kramer is an exciting because it gives managers and leaders a road-map to help their individuals improve productivity and creativity every day.

But we also need to provide groups and teams with new tools to help them make progress in meaningful work.

Enter Digital Blitz.

This is a small-group, fast, semi-structured process which enables teams to solve problems when they emerge.

It can be used everyday to make solve problems, generate ideas or make decisions.

Blitz has a strong learning component and gives people autonomy and encouragement.

What’s more it is highly creative and energizing.

It can be either face to face, fully digital or some combination.

In short, Blitz fits perfectly the description of how to best motivate and engage individuals and teams.

If you want to make progress quickly then Start Blitzing Now.

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