New metrics for your next keynote or conference speaker

I attend a lot of conferences either as a keynote or conference speaker and/or as a delegate and like any activities there is a variability in the performance of the speakers.

But perhaps the satisfaction with conference speakers might improve if we used a new set of metrics?

After all what gets measured get done so the old saying goes, so why not develop a new set of metrics.

For example:
– Did I learn something new from this presentation? (score 1 – 10)

– Can I use a new tool or tip tomorrow at work? (score 1 – 10)

– Did I feel energised at the end of the presentation? (score 1 – 10)

– Did I interact with someone else at the audience? (score 1 – 10)

– Do I feel more empowered or knowledgeable or effective or productive or creative …? (score 1 – 10)

– Was this speaker a good investment of my time? (score 1 – 10)

– Did the keynote speaker keep the audience off their phones? (score 1 – 10)

– Would I recommend this speaker to others? (score 1 – 10)

This is not an exhaustive list of course but it does suggest that we need new thinking and new metrics to drive a new performance level from your next keynote speaker.

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