For a new age we need a new type of consultant

There are many different types of consultants.

Think of management consultants or strategy or marketing or political consultants for example.

Yet none of these are dedicated to helping leaders and their teams to create.

Creativity is a vital leadership skill.

In fact, in a 2010 study by IBM across 1500 CEO’s, creativity was listed as the most important skill.

I a fast moving, disruptive world its the one skill that will help you in your career and ensure that you are still relevant and have a role in an increasingly AI dominated landscape.

In a recent PWC report on the Workforce of the Future, creativity, problem solving and adaptability were among the most important skills today and tomorrow.

Where could a creative thinking consultant help?

– Solving wicked problems in new and different ways.

– Helping design new ways of working

– Someone to bounce left-field ideas off

– To facilitate strategy sessions where greater imagination is needed

– To provoke, challenge and disrupt business – as- usual approaches.

– And introduce new tools and different ways of thinking

The advantages of a Creative Thinking Consultant:

There are many advantages of using a good general consultant.

Some of these are:

They have an external perspective, often not afraid of political pressures, want to do a great job and are a variable rather than a fixed cost.

A creativity consultant would also help the leadership team focus on creating and doing things differently.

They would have a role in developing the creative thinking skills of all leaders.

In addition, they would ask those insightful questions that people too close to the business stop asking.

A creativity consultant is an idea whose time has come.

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