Do we need to think about disruption in a new way?

How do you educate those bright young people that technology is the biggest disruptor of the world we live in?
Dave Curran, Westpac, CIO, (The Australian, 20/8/15)

On the surface you would have to agree with Dave Curran’s assessment.

When you think of the internet, big data, the cloud, social media platforms and the million or so apps around — it’s hard to escape the conclusion that technology advances alone are driving disruption in all walks of life.

But is this the case?

Can you have disruption without a massive advance in technology?

Can you disrupt business models and the customer experience for example without a massive technology play?

In fact, what comes first – disruptive thinking or disruptive technology?

For example, I have developed a new accelerated way of solving problems or generating ideas which I call Speed Thinking.

Is this a disruption?

I wonder if an thinking about disruption as more than a technology shift is a broader and ultimately a more valuable idea that can engage more people?

Perhaps we are reaching a stage where open source platforms for example means that the latest technology is available to everyone which means that the only real barrier is our imagination.

In other-words the biggest hurdle to positive disruption may be escaping what has always been and trying to image what could be.

Love your thoughts.

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