I stay in a lot of hotels and I am noticing more and more the above sign in the bathrooms.

The idea is that if you do not need to have your towel replaced then hang it back up.

If you want an new one then you leave it on the floor.

It’s a lovely, simple and practical idea.

It represents a win for the hotel (reduction in cleaning costs), the environment (less nasty stuff in the environment) and the consumer (they feel good about doing the right thing).

Win – Win – Win.

This is another in my series of creative thinking examples.

The best ideas are often the simplest.

Simple in concept, execution and simple to communicate.

In this case the hotel visitor gets it immediately.

In fact when I work with groups and teams I suggest that simplicity is one of the key ways to evaluate an idea’s effectiveness.

The other aspect of this creative thinking example is that the best ideas always work on a number of levels and engage many different stakeholders.

What can you learn, borrow or adapt from this example?

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