Want to generate amazing new ideas?

Want to develop your creative thinking skills?

You can wait for inspiration to strike you or you can go and search for new ideas.


Choose the latter.

It’s an exercise I always give my graduate students and workshops with leaders.

Go and find new ideas by walking around and keeping your eyes open.

In this creative thinking example notice the customisation promise of this store.

You can have your name and number printed on your own baseball jersey.

If you are a fan or just love baseball this is a fantastic idea.

The Core Idea:
The core idea of personalisation or customisation can be applied to other categories, markets or industries (e.g. think of golf balls or number plates on cars).

Creative thinking is an active process.

You can always go and search and find ideas at any time, anywhere.

This is also a great activity for groups or teams.

Go in pairs and take photos of say 3 ideas and then bring these back and discuss them with a bigger group.

Ask yourself:

What is the core idea?

Why is it creative?

And what can you (or the group) learn, adapt or borrow?

Amazing ideas are everywhere.

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