Create some drama or theatre

Notice in this example the small hourglass or sandglass in the foreground.

It came with the cup of tea I ordered at a local cafe.

The idea according to the person serving me was to wait until the sand had completely moved from the top to the bottom before drinking my tea.

This allowed time (she said) for the tea to brew.

Suddenly a cup of tea became a more interactive and engaging experience.

It was a subtle touch that created some drama and theatre.

It was a simple, inexpensive yet thoughtful idea.

It was a lovely example of creative thinking.

The lesson?

Great ideas are both big and small.

And what’s more they are transferable.

What works in one area (e.g retail) might just be worth testing in another category or industry.

Adopting this mindset means ideas are everywhere.

You just have to see and capture them.


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