I found this Hand Hygiene Dispensing Unit on nearly every wall at our local hospital.

This is a classic example of using creative thinking to design a win – win solution.

The hospital staff have made it simpler and easier for visitors to clean their hands.

Just having the dispensing units in full public sight nudges you to be more aware of your personal hygiene.

And the hospital has decreased the risk of spreading disease.

A win – win.

It’s another inexpensive and clever idea.

Another reason I like this idea is that it engages and empowers the staff and hospital ecosystem in the problem of decreasing the spread of germs.

Leaders & Business Owners:

What’s a simple idea you could test to engage more of your community in solving a collective problem?

Involving consumers can be fun, interactive and gives them more control.

Think of self-service in a supermarket for example.

Creative Thinking is like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it becomes.

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