Everyone has problems.

The problem is that we do not know how to solve problems in a creative and effective way so they do not occur again and again.

Here is a 4 step creative problem process i use when i facilitate workshops that you and a team can use to develop more original and powerful solutions.

1. Define the problem

Sounds easy but it is sometimes not so straightforward. One way to solve the right problem is by asking different people what their version of the problem might be.

Then take the most compelling one and work on it.

2. Develop a range of business as usual, different & radical solutions

A simple way to generate a number of divergent solutions is to ask yourself (or the group) what is a usual way of solving the problem, a different and a radical way. I call this approach the Power of 3.

A usual solution is one that has been tried before (it still may work). A different one is where you take a solution that has worked in the past and add a twist.

A radical solution is where you develop a radical or completely left-field solution.

3. Select the best option.

By using the Power of 3 you will now have real choice between the alternatives. Sometime sit is difficult to decide on which solution to test when they all seem the same.

Remember that the final solution may be a combination of the usual, different or radical.

4. Test the preferred solution

The final step is to to test the nominated solution in a simple, quick and cheap way.

This is a simple, 4 step approach that you can use again and again.

A final thought:

Problem solving is a skill and like any skill the more you practice the better you will become at it.

So take any opportunity to practice your problem solving skills.

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