Some more amazing facilitation tips so you can run a more engaging and powerful brainstorming session.


Tip No 26: When you have selected your best 3 ideas try and develop a 9 point action plan to bring these to life.



Tip No 27: Give every idea a number then randomly select 2 numbers and try and make a new idea by combining these 2.



Tip No 28: Before people evaluate an idea they must add something to it; ‘yes and’ rather than ‘yes but!’



Tip No 29: Start every session with some stirring music or video.

The way to your imagination is through your emotions.



Tip No 30: Take turns in facilitating the session.

You do not have to have the same facilitator for the entire length of the brainstorming session.



Tip No 31: Make sure that the voice of the customer is represented in any brainstorming group.



Tip No 32: Get people to draw their ideas rather than using words.

This creates more emotion and fun.



Tip No 33: Who are the most creative people in your organisation?

Make sure you invite some of these to your next session.



Tip No 34: If you are working with a bigger group split into smaller teams.

This ensures that everyone contributes and you can compare and contrast ideas.



Tip No 35: Invite a graphic artist to your session.

Ask them to start drawing the best ideas then represent to the group.



Tip No 36: Ask each person to evaluate the ideas by themselves then discuss with a partner.

The conversation is often magical.



Tip No 37: Evaluate your ideas according to impact and speed.

What are the high value ideas that you can test quickly?



Tip No 38: Evaluate your ideas according to passion only.

If there is no passion then nothing happens.



Tip No 39: Generating lots of ideas will help you uncover more original ones;

Ask each person for 9 ideas per challenge.



Tip No 40: Better to run lots of shorter, high energy sessions rather than one big one every quarter.

Remember creativity is a muscle that needs exercising.



Tip No 41: After the session get the notes out within 24 hours to maintain momentum or use Blitz and have these immediately.



Tip No 42: Have everyone write down their ideas individually then come together — better still use Blitz.



Tip No 43: Make your sessions from 45 mins to 1 hour, you can maintain focus & energy for only this long.



Tip No 44: End every session with some action.

Who will do what, when?



Tip No 45: If you are facilitating a session go where the energy goes regardless of any predetermined plans.



Tip No 46: Select a place to that flows from the challenge. e.g. If designing a kids product have it at a playground.



Tip No 47: Invite people that are close to the problem and outside of it.

This will create more of a creative tension leading to a greater number of original ideas.



Tip No 48: If you are involved in generating new ideas then you must be involved in the evaluation of these.



Tip 49: Invite some people that are outside the company or organisation e.g. partners, retailers, suppliers etc.

Their different views will change your (and the groups) assumptions and beliefs.



Tip No 50: Say Thank You.

Send out the notes with specific next steps.

And say thank you again.

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