Who do you bounce ideas off and How do you ask people for help?

These are great questions particularly when most work today is done in groups and teams.

To answer these questions remember the word ‘DATE’.

D – Diversity
Ask people who have a different perspective, set of skills, knowledge and experience.
In this way you will generate more interesting ideas and solutions as long as you are open to them.
The US President for example suffers greatly because he does not seek advice from a diverse group of people and even when he does he seemingly does not listen to them.

A – Accessible
You can only ask people for help if you can reach them.
They must have time to spare in helping you solve your problem, issue or decision.

T – Trust
Probably the most important consideration.
Do you trust the other person?
Ask yourself, will they keep your concerns, comments or questions private?
Trust others and also trust yourself.

E – Engage
You will get the best out of people if you can engage them emotionally and intellectually in the problem you are tackling.
Tell them what the challenge is and why it’s important and why you have come to them for help.

Remember the ‘DATE’ and your interactions will be so much more productive, creative and enjoyable.

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