I am very pleased to announce that Ideas Blitz Mobile is now available.

Ideas Blitz mobile is a free (at least for the time being), app that can be used on your iphone or ipad.

Its the tool of Speed Thinking.

The link to the world’s fastest creativity and productivity tool is here

At last there is an alternative to mind mapping.

Mindmapping has many strengths but Ideas Blitz offers a faster, more creative alternative.

With Blitz mobile you can generate new ideas, capture these as you go, prioritise then share your results with your colleagues or friends.

You can use Blitz at work or in the train, ferry, bus or subway.

Your portable creative thinking system

With your mobile phone you now have a portable creative thinking system so that you can solve problems on the go.

You can use Ideas Blitz Mobile to generate ideas, get started on a project, brainstorm a problem — whatever you want to use it for.

If you like Blitz Mobile you will love Blitz Pro — the new updated version is now being built as we speak.

Happy Blitzing.


Ken Hudson

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