Groups and teams have two key tools to solve problems, generate ideas and making decisions.

These are meetings and brainstorming.

Yet both of these tools have pluses and minuses.

But imagine if you could take the best bits of Brainstorming and mix it with the positive elements of a meeting.

Imagine if this idea generation tool was quick, easily learned and could be applied to most everyday situations.

Imagine calling a Blitz rather than a hour long meeting to get something done.

Then you have some idea what a Ideas Blitz is – It is a new word, to describe a new concept and a new way of working.

It’s the tool of Speed Thinking.

But first things first:

What do most people like about Brainstorming:

– It is fun

– Creative

– Informal

– Ideas can be built upon without being criticised

– Energising

– It is a simple idea to grasp

What do most people like about Meetings (I agree a much smaller list):

– Meetings are social

– They can be used for a wide variety of uses e.g. discussing a problem, highlighting a priority, obtaining an update on results, making a decision etc.

– They can be an opportunity to learn

– Running a meeting is a underrated leadership skill.

– There is a formal structure e.g. an agenda

An Overview of Ideas Blitz:

With a Blitz we have tried to mix the best of both of these group & team tools but accelerated the pace.

An Ideas Blitz is short (20 minutes or less), energising, easily learned, can be used for a wide variety of situations and challenges.

Anyone can call a Blitz or volunteer for one so on the job learning is enhanced, there is only one challenge per blitz (so there is a focus) and a 5 – step semi-structured approach (i.e. start, enhance, connect, evaluate and action).

Sound good?

In a time-poor, high-performing world you cannot keep using the same tools that consume time and don’t deliver.

To experience the power of this new way of working visit the new Blitz Digital website and brainstorm ideas in minutes. 

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