We have just launched Ideas Blitz a new mobile app that you can use at home or at work with immediate results.

Ideas Blitz is the tool of Speed Thinking.

It is free, fast and fun to use (on your ipad or iphone).

In a recent Blitz workshop i facilated with a group of IT managers at Roche I asked then how and when they would use this new app.

The most popular responses are given below:

At Home: 

Planning a birthday party

Deciding on a restaurant

Buying a house

Choosing a school

Challenging the status quo

Choosing a car

Where to go on holidays

Planning a wedding

Design an exercise schedule

Deciding on a party theme

Help me with my studies

Generating some new activities for the kids

Generate possible ideas for gifts for people

Deciding on a night out

Decide which movie to watch

To schedule my training

Naming a new pet

Help the kids with a school project

Choose a colour to paint a wall

At Work: 

Project work

Solving problems

Create new ideas

Defining a problem

Remembering the key points in a speech or presentation

Sharing ideas with my team

Developing a to do list

In our brainstorming sessions

Solve difficult problems

To better manage my time

Prioritising tasks

Do my budgeting

As a team building exercise

Mentoring or coaching others

Making decisions

To handle conflict situations

Creating new ideas when you are stuck

To check the progress of a project

Use in a new product development, creativity or innovation session

 In summary:

As you can see our new Ideas Blitz app itself was a big hit and can be used for a huge variety of uses.

Why don’t you give it a go. You will amaze yourself what you can create in 2 minutes.

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