A new strategic approach to innovation

I have researched and worked in the innovation space for the past 20 years.

One of the directions I have noticed in the past few years has been the growth of 2 different camps among leaders working in medium to large organisations.

Let’s call one the technology focus.

The emphasis here is on disruption, massive technology impacts, upsetting industries and a love affair with startups and approaches like Lean Startup.

The other emphasis is on developing and engaging people.

Leaders have realised that building a more innovative culture and unleashing the creativity and energy of staff is a good idea.

A Creative Synthesis:

I totally embrace both of these approaches.

But my fear is that they have been moving further and further apart.

So I am suggesting a new approach.

A creative synthesis of people and technology.

The goal is to grow the business and grow its people.

I call this new approach:

100x Innovation.

It’s a strategic, portfolio approach which has been inspired by frameworks such as 3 Horizons.

100x Innovation has also been strongly influenced by the idea of exponential rather than linear growth and thinking.

And finally the 100x Innovation approach owes a huge debt to the work of Dr Michael Hewitt Gleeson and his 10x Thinking.

So what is 100x Innovation?

A strategic, portfolio approach to innovation, the goal of which is to help leaders grow their customers, business and people in an exponential way.

It starts with a 1x Innovation then a 10x and finally a 100x transformation of a culture and potentially an organisation.

In future posts I will outline more details of 100x Innovation, why it is important, how it can benefit every organisation regardless of size and how to move from 1x to 10x to 100x.

It’s a big, exciting journey and I welcome your input and feedback along the way.

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