There is a wonderful article in a recent edition of Fast Company about the two founders of FITiST and how they start their day.

It seems the two founders start each day with a run and more importantly conduct their meetings while they run.

Here is what one of the co-founders Caroline Limpert says:

‘When you’re running, your endorphins are up, you’re out of a traditional office — out of your element. You’re able to talk about things more openly and candidly.’

I couldn’t agree more.

Whilst a running meeting might not be everyone’s cup of tea is would suggest a daily walking meeting.

Here’s why:

– It ensures that you exercise every day.

This means that you are more mentally and physically alert during the rest of the day.

– There is no powerpoint.

People have to actually listen and contribute based on the conversation rather than falling asleep whilst pretending to listen slide number 45.

– The group has to be small (less than 6).

Smaller groups are often more dynamic, engaging and productive.

– A walking meeting is fun, different and you are surrounded by new stimulus which might just lead to new ideas and solution.

– And lastly a walking meeting is a perfect example of the creativity you need to achieve a better work-life balance and to improve your and the team’s productivity (i.e. do more with less).


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