How to think without over-thinking

A few years ago I wrote my third book – entitled Speed Thinking.

The tool of which I called Ideas Blitz.

Speed Thinking was based on an insight.

I noticed that leaders and managers could create amazing ideas in a short space of time when asked to do so (guys you only have 5 minutes to go …).

This short space of time, coupled with a clear problem generated an enormous burst of energy and creativity.

I have been showing thousands of people how to Blitz ever since my book was published.

How to start?

Start is the most important word and concept in Speed Thinking.

When you start you create an action, progress, feedback and momentum.

With Speed Thinking there is no good or bad place to start.

You just start.

And you start by trying to generate 9 ideas in 2 minutes (by yourself).

I call this the magic formula.

Then you work with a partner to enhance, connect, evaluate and action your ideas.

The key concept of Speed Thinking is to start by yourself by trying to create 9 ideas in 2 minutes.

Even people who say they are not creative are amazed by their ideas.

It’s truly magical what you can achieve in such a short time.

Who has used Speed Thinking?

In the past few weeks for example the leaders from Roche, Adidas and Principals Brand Agency have experienced what it feels like to create original new ideas without filtering.

The idea is to think without over-thinking.

I even ran a Speed Thinking session at Xmas business dinner last night.

Most of the participants worked on a non-business issue (e.g. where to go on my vacation) with a partner.

It was fun, noisy, engaging and many people Blitzed their problems.

Speed Thinking and it’s tool is one of my best ideas.

It is an ideal session at any workshop, leadership meeting, conference, brainstorming or dinner.

Any event where you want people to interact, be engaged, learn and have fun.

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