Think TIE – Time, Imagination and Energy

Everyone and every team has 3 key resources.

Time, Imagination and energy (TIE).

How you use these 3 three resources can determine how you perform.

In fact, it may be that the higher performers have found a better way to harness and combine these 3 assets.

Let’s take these one at a time.

1. Time

Here is how to leverage your limited time at work.

Stop wasting time at work e.g. social media

And try and be more efficient with your time at work e.g. by making meetings shorter and more focused

Also you can be more effective with your time e.g. not being distracted or interrupted

And finally you can create more time for yourself to invest in more important activities e.g. Meeting free fridays.

You see we all have the same 24 hours of time in a day.

How you use your time is largely up to you.

Ask yourself:

What is the return on your time invested for every activity?

2. Imagination

Here is the good news.

Whilst there is a limit to how many hours there are in a day, there is no limit to your imagination.

And it’s an universal quality we all have.

Yet as we age we sometimes forget how to use this precious ability.

Or we don’t have many opportunities at work to exercise it.

But this is all changing.

Imagination is now in demand more and more.

With technology today – if it can be imagined – it can be built.

Startups are imagining completely new businesses as we speak.

Using your imagination every day is your pathway to greater success and it will help you standout.

3. Energy

It seems every leader I meet is exhausted and bordering on burn-out.

To state the obvious – this is unsustainable both for the individual and the organisation.

There has to be a better way of applying your energy in more productive ways?

There is!

When I coach or mentor leaders I ask them to list all the activities that drain their energy e.g. long, boring meetings.

Then I ask them to list all the activities that gives them energy.

Those activities where they feel most alive e.g. making progress on a project they feel passionate about.

The leaders soon realise that to conserve and replenish their energy levels they need to be doing less of the energy-draining activities and more of the activities that refuel their energy.

TIE to the power of 3

Each of these key resources are interdependent and taken together can driver higher individual and group performance.

The holy grail is when you can apply these three resources in a focused way.

One such approach is The Blitz Way.

This is short, intensive, fast-paced way for any group or team to solve a problem or generate an idea in minutes.

It’s time-efficient, imaginative and energising.

Blitz is a way of applying your TIE resources to drive higher and higher performance.

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