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Important Problems require a new way of thinking

At this stage of my life I am most interested in helping leaders of profit and not-for-profit Leaders & SME’s solve important problems.

An important problem is one that could have a big impact (if solved) and where the current thinking, ideas & solutions are not working any more.

This is why I have developed Switch Thinking. Important problems require a new way of thinking.  It’s an approach that not only generates breakthrough solutions but it’s also a vital life skill.

It’s why I do what I do.

Speed Thinking 

Imagine a fast-paced, high energy, short workout where everyday problems are solved, ideas generated or decisions made – in minutes!

It can replace the number and time spent in meetings!

It’s called Speed Thinking and the tool is The Blitz Way.

The Blitz Way is based on my Speed Thinking process which I have taught to thousands of leaders all over the world.

It’s not a question of working harder but of thinking better, faster.

My goal is to help develop a more energising, creative and agile culture in each and every team. 

“The problem I am trying to solve is this.

Leaders and their teams are being asked to be more engaged, creative & agile yet the tools they use are the exact opposite of this.

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