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We need new ways to solve problems

The old way for groups and teams to solve problems don’t work anymore.

Meetings for example are often too slow, unproductive and soul-destroying.

We need to find more creative, agile and energising ways to solve problems and get stuff done.

It’s why I do what I do.

The Blitz Way 

Here is one way to solve problems in a better, faster way. 

I call it The Blitz Way.

Activity Based Working, Daily Scrums, Standup Meetings and Sprints to name a few are welcome approaches to working in a faster, more collaborative way.

But these approaches dont go far enough!

It’s why I developed The Blitz Way.

Imagine a fast-paced, high energy, short workout where problems are solved, ideas generated or decisions made – in minutes!

It can replace the number and time spent in meetings!

 The Blitz Way is based on my Speed Thinking process which I have taught to thousands of leaders all over the world.

It’s not a question of working harder but of thinking better, faster.

My goal is to help develop a more energising, creative and agile culture in each and every team. 

“The problem I am trying to solve is this.

Leaders and their teams are being asked to be more engaged, creative & agile yet the tools they use are the exact opposite of this.

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